Surf School Lanzarote in the Media

There have been many positive articles about Surf School Lanzarote, here are a few:

UK National Press

Lanzarote: Stranger on the shore
The Telegraph
‘Tim Jones is a surfing guru. For the past 23 years he has been a senior British Surfing Association instructor and before that was a competitive surfer and board builder. What he doesn’t know about the sport is probably not worth knowing’.

From snow to surf: how I made the big break
The Guardian
‘There are 14 of us bobbing around in the sea and Tim seems to be able to watch our every attempt to ride a wave. His feedback is detailed and bang on the money’.

Boot camp bliss in Lanzarote
The Telegraph
‘After a quick series of warm-up exercises on the beach, we’re shown what to do in the water, how to lie on our stomachs with the nose of the board facing the shoreline and how to paddle with our hands’.

Travel advice: Christmas holiday destinations
The Telegraph

surf school and camp in lanzarote


“It was really brilliant! I think it helps to give women confidence in a sport that is generally seen as a male thing. The instructors were very good at making me feel safe in the water too. I think five days in a warm, sunny, safe environment really helps to built you confidence. Lanzarote was also an interesting place to visit when ”
Alicia Pivaro, Surf Magazine

“The other advantage of a five day course is that you get to meet a wide variety of people from all over Europe at Surf School Lanzarote.”
Surf Magazine

“ Heading to the shore through the crashing Surf, standing frozen on his board with a mixture of fear, elation, and a slight touch of smugness. ‘Tell you what my boy’ he grins, ‘you can Surf!’. Another of Tim Jones’s students graduates with honors. And the startling truth is, he actually can – something which distinguishes Surf School Lanzarote from nearly every rival operation in Europe.”
F.H.M. Bionic Magazine

“Tim Jones of Surf School Lanzarote runs the only British Surfing Association-approved school on the island, and he will have anyone – yes anyone – up and riding within a few days.”
Esquire Magazine

“As well as the fitness benefits and feeling of well being outdoors Surfing is a great way to meet people.”
Article on Surf School Lanzarote Health and Fitness Magazine

“But be warned Surfing is addictive. As we smugly headed off with our Bronze Level (Surf School Lanzarote) certificates tucked under our arms, we were already planning our next trip.”
Article on Surf School Lanzarote Health and Fitness Magazine

“But as well as teaching beginners and intermediates, the School caters for experienced Surfers… If you think you are beyond the need for coaching, think again.”
Surf Magazine

“Tim and his team turned out to be the most devoted instructors I have ever met.”
Sport Guide Sweden

“’Definitely the best Surf school in Europe, with coaching capable of all standards of abilities’”

Sarah Whiteley
British Squad member World Championships, English Champion, Junior European Champion and 
British Cup Winner